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Advocacy Services

The Arc can provide individual advocacy services for children, adults and families living in their service area.  The Arc of Colorado provides individual advocacy, at no cost for children and adults living in areas of the state not served by local chapters. Individual advocacy can include:

  • Assistance to families for attaining legally required early intervention and public education services
  • Help with development and implementation of Individual Education Plans (IEPs)
  • Helping families resolve conflicts with early intervention service providers and school district staff
  • Assistance for adults with developmental and implementation of legally required Individual Plans through the Colorado single entry points (Community Centered Boards and service providers)
  • Conflict resolution between individuals of families to address service delivery issues
  • Help for families to apply for and access Social Security benefits, Medicaid, HCBS Medicaid Waiver services, and other publicly funded benefits including employments related benefits
  • Assistance to individuals and families with Medicaid appeals, service level designations, and fundamental Plan re-evaluation
  • Information and referral for individuals on wait lists for developmental disability services
  • Guidance for individuals and families involved in the Criminal Justice on Corrections system

Some chapters provide guardianship services and act as Authorized Representatives for people who need such assistance.

To view a list of local chapters with contact information, please click here. If you live in an area of Colorado not served by a local chapter, please contact us.

Be aware that our resources are limited in terms of time, personnel and money.  You may not get an immediate response to your request but someone will be in touch with you within a few days. If you have an immediate need for an advocate, be sure to provide that information when you call.


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